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  The American Safety Institute has designed an interactive fun Anger Management course that you can take online from any computer.

Our Anger Management course was written by Bart W. Cassidy, a course curriculum specialist that has written courses on several topics including drivers safety, domestic violence and parenting issues. Mr. Cassidy brings over 20 years of experience that makes this course the best Anger Management course on the market.

The 4-Hour Anger Management course will cover topics that include understanding your anger, techniques to deal with your anger, learning to communicate your emotions and controlling your impulse reactions. The course is interactive and will provide you with interesting information that makes you consider your feelings and actions towards others. We are here to help you learn more about your feelings and thoughts.


    Confirmation email showing that you signed up for our 4-Hour Anger Management course. Email will include the website and your user id and password.
    Confirmation page showing you paid for the 4-Hour Anger Management course. You can print
off the payment confirmation page for your records.
    4-Hour interactive Anger Management course that will allow you to log on and off the program
anytime. The website is available 24/7.
    Anger Management customer support specialist that will review your answers and provide
feedback if necessary.
    A certificate of completion that will show you successfully completed our 4-Hour Anger
Management course. If you are required to show proof of completion you can email or print
off the certificate of completion.

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Our course was written and designed specifically to help you learn about Anger Management issues. We have made the course interactive and fun so you will not just read but you will participate in the course.

We are certain that you will learn and enjoy our course. Our goal is to educate you on the Anger Management topic, give you ideas to consider and get your input or feelings on specific issues. We believe when you complete our course you will leave with important knowledge and tips for improving your Anger Management problems.

We understand that you may be ordered by the court or probation officer to take this course. For your convenience we have included a printable course overview that you can simply print off and give to your court, judge or probation officer.

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  Site is very easy to use and great
customer support
  - J. Johnson, Tampa, Florida  
  Great Course! The email certificate
delivery was same day
   - A. Garcia, Los Angeles, California  
  Judge ordered me to take course.
This company was great. Real
people actually answer the phone!
  - M. Roberts, Dallas, Texas  
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