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4-Hour Anger Management Course

The American Safety Institute is a Member of the National Mental Health Association.

Welcome to the 4-Hour Anger Management Course. This course can be taken for several different reasons. If you were court ordered by a Judge this course will provide you with a certificate of completion that will confirm you have successfully completed our 4-Hour Anger Management course. You may also want to take this course for self-improvement reasons.

You will find during your study of the course that we make the process of learning fun and convenient. Our course covers a wide range of topics including, understanding your anger, communicating your anger and techniques to control and manage your anger. It also contains many helpful resources that will improve your personal relationships with other family members or friends.

The course is interactive which means you will be asked several questions about your feelings and opinions. Our customer support specialists will respond via email to your answers within 24 to 48 hours. We believe the interaction between our customer support specialists and the customer will make the course fun and interactive.

The course was written and designed by several Anger Management specialists that have dedicated years of experience in this field.

We guarantee that you will enjoy our course. Good Luck!




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